Who We Are

lol From Land Of Smiles

Established by management team of professional linguists, LocalLight has been proudly offering our clients globally with unique satisfaction.

With accumulated experience of more than 20 years as well as extensive skill set of linguistic, technology and management, therefore, we have rapidly become a strong player in this industry.

We, therefore, truly believe we are a unique company doing a business in a unique way.

Our name, "LocalLight" clearly indicates our core business and profoundly implies our meaningful value; the light that brings the success to everywhere.

Being rooted in Thailand, a country recognized as "Land of Smiles", we therefore proudly give our company a nickname of "lol", a happy phrase known very well as "Laugh Out Loud".

We just want to make everyone involved in our business have a happy smile from our win-win solutions.

Want to have your lol success? Let us help

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